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These instruction are specific to users of Mo-Net, Inc.
but should apply elsewhere with a little modification.

In the following help files I've tried to include as much information as possible relating to this particular topic. If you see somthing missing that you think should be included or even a typo or error please let me know. I'd like these to be as accurate and helpful as possible. Of course these are meant as just an introduction. I'm including links to sites that will tell you more than you will ever want to know about building a home page. They cover HTML in fine detail so if you are not too technically oriented I'd avoid them. Other than that I hope you find these pages useful.

HTML and Page Design
Uploading Through FTP

Uploading Through Netscape Composer
(Coming Soon)
Adding a Counter to your Webpage
(Coming Soon)
Adding Forms to your Webpage
(Coming Soon)

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